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A global chemical distributor with in-depth expertise

Generating great values with one-stop shop solution

The leading biodegradable plastic packaging manufacturer

Stavian Chemical ranked 17th largest global chemical distributor


Stavian Chemical is a top 17 global chemical distributor and a leading biodegradable plastic packaging manufacturer. With win-win philosophy, we are committed to achieving sustainable development for all stakeholders and global community.

What we do

One Stop Shop Solution


We distribute and trade globally all types of polymers such as PP, PE, PET,EVA, PVC, ABS, HIPS, GPPS etc., bridging oil refineries and chemical producers to hundreds of thousands of plastic manufacturers to ensure smooth and efficient supply chain for the industry.


We implement our 12 comprehensive business solutions to assure the excellent service standard for our partners around the world. From imported cargo, domestic cargo to supply raw materials, flexible payment contract and delivery and logistic services, we have top notch service package to offer.

Strategic Suppliers

We maintain and develop strategic alliance with giant Oil & Gas conglomerates and top global multi-industrial corporations from all over the world. Our strategic network of supplier allows us to diversify our product portfolio, to meet any challenges and demands from customers.

A to Z logistics solutions

We provide full logistic package with supply chain and inventory policies, handling all logistical processes, providing full door-to-door services (shipment, customs clearance, trucking, warehousing etc.) with excellent service to maximise values ​​for our customers.

Compliance policy

We strictly comply with the policy of import-export administration, including economic sanctions and trade embargo by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), European Union (EU), the US Department of the Treasury and International commercial regulations in US export administration (UEA).

Global Presence

~ 30 offices


Trụ sở Hà Nội

Tầng 5A, Tòa Century Tower, Khu đô thị Times City, 458 Minh Khai, Q. Hai Ba Trưng, Hà Nội

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